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BEC listen and translation exercise 31

2019/12/19 11:28


In a busy classroom filled with nearly 20 children, Sabriye Tenberken lectures her pupils to always help others who need it.

All societies have ways of encouraging and enforcing what they view as appropriate behaviour while discouraging and punishing what they consider to be improper conducts.

Norms can be defined as the established standard of behaviour maintained by a society.



Use common sense. Respect other road users and adhere to the laws of the road.

Spray some insect repellent on your arms and legs before setting off. And you needn't worry too much about insects when you cycle.



The high regard for education, and the willingness to work very hard to gain advancement, are other noteworthy characteristics of theirs.

Recently, it held a gala party in New York City with a futuristic theme.


Some groups of synonyms are just words of different origins but refer to the same thing.

The larger world discovered through travel and exploration was a great stimulus to culture and language.

Certainly there are no two words that are interchangeable in all contexts.



People in a culture normally follow its norms, but acceptance of norms differs in different situations and social conditions.

There is much more social equality between parents and children than in most aristocratic societies or societies ruled by centuries of tradition.



Bowing deeply to each other when meeting and saying good-bye to people is a norm practised in Japan.

The Bachelor of Social Science is in one faculty within the university: that is the faculty where I am working, known as Arts and Social Sciences.



Studies show that both parents are now spending less time with their children, due to work habits and a busy lifestyle.

Our university works as a hierarchical system. At the top of the faculty we have a dean and below the dean we have three divisions.


Mores are norms that are regarded as highly necessary to the welfare of a society, often because they embody the most valuable principles of a people.

Most psychologists are finding that a good exercise program, good nutrition, decreases the amount of stress, or the effect of stress on the body or in the mind.



After the Norman Conquest, the English vocabulary was doubled by the addition of French words, especially those words reflecting a higher standard of living and a more complex social life.

This morning I'd like to tell you something about the structure of the university and about some of the requirements of the degree that you're about to enter.

The next point I'd like to talk about is equality in the family.



They want to make independent decisions and not be told what to do by grandparents or uncles or aunts.

Sun cream is essential in hot weather because you can very easily get sun burned without even realizing it.



Americans view the family as a group whose primary purpose is to advance the happiness of individual members.

Married American adults will name their husband or wife and their children, if they have any, as their "immediate family".


With the rise of the United States to a position of world influence in politics, science, industry, trade and popular arts, American words and phrases have gained recognition and prestige everywhere.

A new form of treating grief following the death of a loved one has been found to be more successful than conventional psychotherapy in some patients.



The ideal of the American family is group cooperation to help achieve the fulfillment of each individual member, and shared affection to renew each member's emotional strength.

Well, for anyone who is considering going on a tour, the first thing to consider is safety.

What is important is not to try to ride too far, too quickly. Take your time, and if you feel tired, stop and rest.

If Americans are asked to name the members of their families, family structure becomes clear.


From a very young age children are taught with the old values and attitudes, including respect for their elders and a feeling of responsibility to the family.


They come from China's former upper class and they represent its high cultural traditions.


Traditionally, the American family has been a nuclear family, consisting of a husband, wife and their children, and living in a house or apartment.

India's textile exports to Western countries have surged following the abolition of global quotas earlier this year.


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